Samsung Expands Virtual Reality Ambitions but Sets Sights on Augmented Reality

Samsung (SSNLF) has already dipped its toes into the virtual reality space with its Samsung Gear VR headset, and the company likes what it sees so far.

 At the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego on Thursday, Samsung VP Sung-Hoon Hong said that his company has two new virtual reality headsets in the works. The first, the Samsung Gear VR 2, Hong said “will be presented in a short time,” while another headset will build upon existing augmented reality technology from Microsoft‘s (MSFT) HoloLens and start-up VR company Magic Leap.

Samsung could be more heavily focusing on augmented reality instead of VR going forward, Hong said. “AR has much better business development for Samsung,” he said at the summit, according to Wearable Zone. “That’s what we’re aiming for.”

Samsung’s VR business is already quite popular, though. According to analytics firm IHS Markit, Samsung will end 2016 with 5.4 million Gear VR headsets sold in total since the product’s launch in November 2015, giving it “the largest installed base out of all major branded headsets.”

But that might soon change.


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